In 2000 Jesper Buch started one of the worlds biggest E-commerce succeses
which is known today as just-eat.com (Group).

The company was started in a basement in a small town of Denmark and was
breaking even in 2004. In 2005 Jesper decided to do it all over again and
went to UK where he founded just-eat.co.uk. Besides beeing the CEO of UK he
also managed to start up in Holland, Iceland, Sweden and Ireland.

In mid 2008 he retired as CEO and sold shares to Index Ventures.

in 2008 Jesper moved to Spain (Marbella) in order to start SEED investing
in new startups.

in 2008 Jesper founded Mentaline.com in order for psychologists and coaches
to handle clients online.

in 2009 Jesper co-founded Miinto Group which today is one of the fastest
growing internet fashion companies in the world and online in 7 countries.
Miinto is known to be Jesper´s “child” and “chapter 2″

in 2011 Jesper sold hes shares in Just-Eat.com and decided to walk “Camino
de Santiago, 850 km from France to North-West Spain” whereafter chapter 1
was closed.

in sep. 2012 Jesper releases a book about his personal story of the 10
years it took to build Just-Eat – The book will be released in Denmark (in
danish) and in english shortly after.

Jesper has won a lot of E-Commerce prizes and is considered one of the top
internet entrepeneurs in Europe.

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